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The United States Asshole Association OF ASSHOLES BY ASSHOLES FOR ASSHOLES The United States Asshole Association; dedicated to recognizing & providing membership to the United States Asshole Association to any person who truly is an ASSHOLE, displays the capacity to act as an ASSHOLE, or at least has someone who thinks they're an ASSHOLE. 15.4.14 It's been to goddamn long! Anybody miss me? Anyone give a shit? Not this asshole! O.K. It's that time of year again, the taxman cometh! I say fuck the man! Every two weeks government takes roughly 33% of what my house earns, yea we fucking work for a living! And to what means? To service debt burden that will never be paid? Services for citizens who will not work? Aid to countries that want nothing more to bend us over, fuck us in the ass and then cut off our heads? Plain political Graft? I'd like to blame the White House, but it's everyone within the Beltway, State capitals, and town halls. Assholes all!

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